Conversation: Mamadou from Senegal

Ride start: West Oakland BART

Ride end: My apartment

Ride length: ~15 minutes

My driver: Mamadou from Senegal! M. moved to SF to recruit for basketball 2 years ac98794f4e9c8d0ebcec71ba25d507c1dgo
and stayed when that didn’t work out. Prior to that, he lived in NYC (whoo) for a few years. He’s the only one in the States from his family. He’ll probably go back in a few years.

Memorable moment: When I said that I love a Senegalese dish that’s peanut heavy but couldn’t remember the name and he exclaimed “GO TO BAOBAB ON 19TH AND MISSION!!”.. (Quick fact: baobab is a tree native to the African continent and iconic to Africa. I’ve noticed that it’s often used on the packaging for cosmetics and skin care products that are sourced from the continent.) Then, M. and I bonded over our mutual love for South Asian curry and he recommended a Pakistani restaurant in downtown Oakland. He said he loves their chicken biriyani and mango lassi, and I told him that if there’s one thing I want him to remember from me, it’s that he should try salty / regular lassi. When I was getting out of his car, he wished me goodbye by saying Salaam, because he figured out that I was Muslim through conversation.


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