Conversation: Cody from Mendocino

Ride start: Emeryville
Ride end: West Oakland BART station
Rolling in: a Prius
My driver: Originally from Mendocino, California, Cody said he drives Uber for supplemental income. His “day job”, although he was definitely running our trip at the start of the work day, remained unknown.
Memorable moment:
I learned that Mendocino is apparently a marijuana capital in the state of California. he described it as a place that was very relaxed, ha! i wonder why…
We talked about:
How West Coast Cali culture is different from that of the East Coast. He had spent some time in Philly and during his time there, had noticed how much people on the East Coast talk about their work. We both agreed people from the East Coast talk more about work because they spend more of their time at work, it’s a much bigger part of our identities. I’m not ashamed of work being a major part of my identity ’cause I chose my education and job. If I’m not proud of how what I spend at least 8 hours of day thinking about, then I messed up and have a lot of fixing to do.

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