What I learned about Innovative Product Development from MIT

I reflect often, but recently, I've been reflecting specifically on how my time at MIT contributed to my character as a Product Manager. Most of the lessons that I learned at the Institute came from a combination of experiences and conversations over time, not a particular course. Although undoubtedly, some experiences were more impactful given... Continue Reading →


Do you hear me?

After spending a month's worth of work on a product, an executive I speak to and see multiple times a week asked me a question, over e-mail, that effectively read as "who is your customer"? Knowing my product's customer is foundational to just about every decision that he and I have made and still need... Continue Reading →

Can Women Truly Befriend Other Women?

Like many of my other reflections, this was inspired by an emotional scratch that was started by friction with a friend. In this case, it's the sparkiest friction to date with a friend that I care deeply about. By now, we've come to a resolution by arguing, taking time away, and then talking once we... Continue Reading →

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